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    From Your Letters to Congress...

    It is time for us as a nation to make the leap to clean energy. We only have one planet. Let's be the Step Up
    Linda F. | Fresno, CA

    We're tired of fighting wars for oil. As a very famous American hero once said, "Let's Roll!"
    James P. | Austin, TX

    To fail now would be a huge disgrace to mankind! To seize this moment now, and do what needs to be
    John G. | Florence, OR

    There IS no 'choice'. This is a "no-brainer"!
    Charles K. C. | Austin, TX

    Now is the hour!  Diann L. | Arlington, VA

    Supporting Clean Energy means supporting the people and the future of the United States and the world.
    Government is for the people, not the corporations.
    Name not displayed | Auburn, AL

    Now! We Must! We demand better! NOW!
    Karl K. | Saint Louis, MO

    Saving the environment is very important to me.... I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to
    experience everything that I experienced in my childhood. Enrica Z. | Phoenixville, PA

    We need this now, Maine Senators give us sun and wind energy, create jobs in Maine now, please stop
    politics as usual... and do your job now.
    Anna Marie T. | Bar Harbor, ME

    Politics is now literall, killing us. Get rid of BIG OIL NOW!
    Name not displayed | Houston, TX

    Enough with the politics! We're ruining our HOME, and the home of millions of amazing creatures!
    Sarah P. | Albion, PA

    Let's do this! We need to blaze the way to forever free and clean power generation!
    Winston F M. | Newport, ME

    "We should tax what we burn, not what we earn."
    Alan R. | Bryn Mawr, PA

    I would like to see an end to foreign oil dependency. There is absolutely no reason why the United States
    should be held for ransom by petro-dicatorships 10,000 miles away.
    Jason w. | Mc Rae, GA

    The Climate is in peril - I read a noted scientist anticipated human extinction in 100 years unless we radically
    change toward Climate Protection. A Carbon Tax with Cash Back might be most effective to change our
    Jan Marie R. | Bryn Mawr, PA

    We need a "Manhattan Project" to develop clean energy!
    Stanley M. | Geneva, NY

    We want clean energy! We want it NOW!! Wind! Solar! Stop caving to big oil and big coal! You were voted into
    office to put the fill the will of the people, not the will of big corporations!!
    Megan M. | Womelsdorf, PA

    Get in the 21st century... Please! We need a new clean energy bill!
    Charles F. | Easton, PA

    Polluting energy is ruining nature. Stop now!
    Cordt h. | Mill Valley, CA

    It is past time and we are fed up with the shenanigans of congress. Get us some real change in energy
    policy before there are none of us left.  
    Annemarie B. | Attleboro, MA

    We Want Clean Energy. Its Time For You To Care        
    Sharon R. | Hagerstown, IN

    We must act now.      
    Dale L. | Horn Lake, MS

    NOW !!!!!!
    Linda S. | Hillsdale, NY

    we need clean energy NOW to reduce environmental destruction from the oil drilling!
    Amy O. | San Francisco, CA

    The People own this government! We want a clean planet. We want clean politicians.
    We want ACTION FOR CLEAN ENERGY NOW!   Adam C. | Millis, MA

    Children can't vote. We must do it for them.
    suzanne s. | Dedham, MA

    Please support alternative energy- do it for YOUR grandchildren too!
    Ann W. | Saint Louis, MO

    Winston F M. | Newport, ME

    Clean energy is our future. Make oil and coal the energy source of the past.
    Bill S. | Andover, MA

    I hope Scott Brown puts his vote where his mouth was when campaigning, and votes what the people of
    Mass want, not what the rest of the GOP wants
    Dianne B. | Hadley, MA

    We can't wait any longer. The rest of the world is passing us by. Do it NOW!
    Patricia D. | Hernando, MS

    America has to make some headway in the green revolution. The earth cannot withstand and we cannot wait.
    Adeline C. | Dallas, TX

    ...If we dont change we will have no future as a people or a planet. We have to move toward clean and free
    Kiona T. | Leitchfield, KY

    Its time to do what we need to do. If congress had listened and passed all the bills they knew were right for
    our country and economy. We would not be suffering or jobless or in war!!
    Marc H. | Richmond, IN

    No more drilling. Put our tax dollars into clean energy.
    Ruth C. | Murphysboro, IL

    We NEED clean energy now.... Get us off the corruption and poison associated with the petroleum business.
    shelly k. | Hogansburg, NY

    Enough is enough! If the disaster in the Gulf has not made it abundantly clear that America MUST end its
    dependence on petroleum, then what will? I urge you to look beyond the influence of lobbyists, oil
    companies, and our reliance on the support of terrorist governments that have a strangle-hold on our nation!
    We the people DEMAND it!
    Debrah D. | Garden City, MI

    This is the time for WE THE PEOPLE to have the government do our will
    Leonard W. | Nashville, TN

    No more Brown Pelicans, Destroyed Livelihoods, and blood-money for foreign oil. I want Clean, Abundant
    American-Made Energy that will create good-paying jobs right here in the USA, and protect our one-and-only
    Domingo A. | Middletown, NY

    Winston F M. | Newport, ME

    No more offshore drilling!!!
    Amber M. | Eastview, KY

    I have voted for you to act in my stead and for the betterment of our society. Please, help us find ways to stop
    our thirst for oil.
    Julianne M. | Harbor Springs, MI

    We are not asking for clean energy; we are demanding it! Remember who you work for.
    Rebecca S. | Kalamazoo, MI

    please stop using oil and realize what it's doing to our earth
    david a. | New Bedford, MA

    We need cleaner and safer energy, and while we need to move in that direction NOW, we must also have
    enough sense to make sure that we do everything possible to make it affordable. Both can be done,
    Michael F. | Auburn, AL

    we need to stop burning fossil fuels for the betterment of the earth and for economic stability
    Matthew A. | Athens, GA

    Please make the Gulf Coast a Clean energy zone with assistance to theose hardest hit by the oil spill getting
    retrained first. Now is the time to demand clean energy, and the gulf coast is the place.
    Krissa W. | Pensacola, FL

    Why wait until the planet is completely wrecked?
    joan d. | Santa Fe, NM

    I have voted for you to act in my stead and for the betterment of our society. Please, help us find ways to stop
    our thirst for oil. It's killing us and our planet.
    Julianne M. | Harbor Springs, MI

    We need to do whatever it takes to get more clean energy sources up and running, and get rid of our toxic
    addiction to oil.
    Marion A. | Bozeman, MT

    No more off shore drilling!!!
    Amber M. | Eastview, KY

    Alisa E. | Columbia, NC

    CLEAN ENERGY NOW!! ENOUGH ALREADY! I will NEVER vote for another politician who has lined his or her
    pockets with big oil money!

    We have to move to a greener tomorrow or we will have no tomorrow. Please think of the planet and not
    pocket books
    Kiona T. | Leitchfield, KY

    Clean Energy needs to happen NOW!
    Colleen R. | San Jose, CA

    Clean Energy is our generation's Manhatten Project.
    Ivan I. | Eau Claire, WI

    HEY WASHINGTON,WAKE UP!!!!!!! With the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the message of cleaner energy
    should not fall on deaf ears.
    Charles L. | Belmont, OH

    It is your duty to help save the environment. It is time to stand up and do what is right.
    Name not displayed | Georgetown, PA

    Stop the Lobbyists!! I've had enough... America needs to be the leader in changing the world to a clean place
    for our children. We have the technology we just need the motivation.
    Name not displayed | East Rockaway, NY

    Senator Brown, please support clean energy instead of Wall Street bankers and Big Oil
    Abijah J. | Mansfield, MA

    Stop playing politics and insure our future.
    alta h. | Orwigsburg, PA

    Linda S. | Hillsdale, NY

    Get it done. I well remember who did not work for a strong clean energy bill.
    david G. | Los Angeles, CA

    Please be the leaders we need you to be and Lead us into a CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE!! YOU CAN'T SPILL
    Megan M. | Womelsdorf, PA

    Save this planet for our children, for future generations, and for all the wildlife that has no vote in the matter.
    And do it NOW!
    Gail S. | East Hampton, NY

    We NEED clean energy NOW! And don't tell me that natural gas is the solution either!
    John K. | Minersville, PA

    For God sakes. Do something right for a change..
    Kathy N. | Georgetown, PA

    Force the power companies to convert to renewable energy sources just like they force their toxic fly ash
    waste down our throats.
    Linda D. | Hookstown, PA

    Congress needs to take action NOW. This is not a game. This is the future and we are living in the past.
    Roni K. | Georgetown, PA

    Give us the damned clean energy NOW. Stop the excuses! Stop!
    winston m. | Newport, ME

    Wake up! It's 2010 - time to put aside partisan politics and cooperate.
    Leonora P. | Portland, OR

    Let us be responsible Americans! For our country, our future and our childrens children.
    Irene M. | East Taunton, MA

    This is the only way to TRUE energy independence!! Drilling for more oil is not the answer. I am sick and tired
    of Republicans saying that the majority of Americans want more drilling. The TRUTH is the majority of
    Americans DON'T want more drilling.
    John H. | Bloomington, IN

    Drastic and immediate action is needed, as well as a serious commitment to long-term environmental
    Elizabeth B. | Apex, NC

    If not now, when?? This should have been done decades ago.
    Mary H. | Huntingtown, MD

    Oil has destroyed my way of life here in Alabama. I wake up and have to smell it. Its insanity not to pass a
    clean energy act.
    Kimberly M. | Foley, AL

    It was hard to change from slavery but it was wrong and it had to be changed. We are faced with another
    moral imperative, we have got to start changing our ways and remove oil from our lives. I know people are
    concerned about their job but they will have to change as many people have to do in their lives. The time is
    now because it will never be easy so lets use the horror from this incident and turn it into momentum
    towards a better future. Thank you.
    Joyce M. | Pittsburgh, PA

    Leonard W. | Nashville, TN

    You people in Washington better do something quick and create a green revolution...otherwise you will have
    a bloody revolution.
    n w. | Saint Petersburg, FL

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We NOW must change and shift our behavior towards creating a more sustainable
    future. THE TIME IS NOW!
    Elizabeth R. | Anchorage, AK

    Enough is enough! It's time to get off the oil and all the other non-renewable engery! The time is now! If this
    isn't a wake up call to all in Government. Well shame on you! What I do know, come Noverember I will
    remember everyone that didn't pass the clean energy act.
    Chris K. | Fredericksburg, VA

    Government is supposed to be "We The People", not we the corporation!!! Representatives, you were voted
    into office to represent US, the people of this great country, NOT billionaires and their corporations and pet
    projects!!! Wake up NOW or you will find out what unemployment is all about from experience!
    John K. | Minersville, PA

    it IS time for FORCED change. it is time to RISE. it is time for revolution to innovation. it is time we promoted
    water,solar,wind, & electric, & outlawed gas & oil.
    SHAWN W. | Joplin, MO

    We have had the power and the will to implement alternative energy for many years. It's been Congress and
    the Presidency that has blocked the will of the people they pretend to serve! This ends now.
    NND | Greenfield, MA

    winston F M. | Newport, ME

    We have our wake-up call, so now let's WAKE UP! We must start producing clean energy!
    Margaret M. | Gulf Breeze, FL

    If we are having to drill to 20,000 feet below the ocean's bottom at 5000ft from the surface to get at oil, then it's
    pretty clear that we are running out of oil soon. We need to transition from the oil economy into an economy
    based on renewable energy to avoid disaster. Wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and biowaste all work -
    Konrad R. | North Bend, WA

    Do the right thing! We need clean energy NOW!!!!
    Rosemary S. | Ardmore, PA

    It is imperative that the whole government get behind the initiative to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.
    Virginia B. | Summit, NJ

    End the subsidies for coal and oil ..offer them instead to solar, wind, hydro....
    Joseph O. | Long Pond, PA

    The last eight Presidents have promised clean energy in the near future. Lets finally make it a reality. Thank
    Barbara Y. | Orlando, FL

    How much longer can we deny our addiction to fossil fuels? It's getting pathetic and embarrassing. Let's be a
    global leader and switch to clean, renewable sources of energy!
    Name not displayed | Saratoga Springs, NY

    Please listen to Us our children need clean air
    Anna Marie T. | Bar Harbor, ME

    The Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico really opened my eyes to the nightmare we are creating with our petroleum
    shelly k. | Hogansburg, NY

    We want to get clean power NOW! No more waiting! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - For our kids and grandkids
    great great grandkids! PLEASE let's get this done!
    Winston F M. | Newport, ME

    Its about time we get off the oil and take charge as a super power,rebuild america
    william m. | Trenton, NJ

    CLEAN ENERGY...Become a voice for the future!
    katrina g. | Pensacola, FL

    The World..Is Watching!
    lori f. | Port Saint Lucie, FL

    Work in revolutionary ways to create a clean energy America.
    What sort of world do you want for your children, your grandchildren?
    Mary G. | Westerly, RI

    We need clean, SAFE energy NOW. NOT LATER. WE CANNOT AFFORD LATER!
    BRENDA C. | Hilo, HI

    .Elected officials,our country is waiting and watching. Show us what you are capable of doing. Today..not
    Peggy A. | Cumming, GA

    STOP OFFSHORE DRILLING and Help Find A New Clean Energy Solution!!!! This too will bring millions of
    Name not displayed | El Paso, TX

    Support clean energy research!
    Brian S. | Paoli, PA

    The oil gusher should be our warning not our demise!!!
    Tammara K. | Saint Petersburg, FL

    History is watching. How will you be remembered?
    Virginia P. | Brooklyn, NY

    Do the right thing! ~ I trust you will. Thanks.
    Jodi M. | Wayne, PA

    Clean energy is cleaner in all aspects. If a windfarm breaks down, it's not going to pollute the environment!
    Christina H. | State College, PA

    We have to do this. We truly can NOT afford not to. I look into the smiling, trusting faces of my children and
    know in my heart one thing- we must do this FOR THEM! It's not about us, or party affiliation anymore. This is
    about the human race and preserving the earth we so depend on
    Mindy R. | Grand Junction, CO

    Society learns from and follows its leaders. If the country is lead as a resourceful country, business practices
    and consumers will follow.
    Elisabeth R. | Phoenix, AZ

    Clean energy is cleaner in all aspects. If a windfarm breaks down, it's not going to pollute the environment!
    Christina H. | State College, PA

    There is so much potential in so many diferent technologies. We need to have a policies for diverse
    sustainable energy systems.
    Bob E. | Barto,PA

    Now is the time to act for clean energy.
    Lari P. | Mercer Island, WA

    This crisis demands immediate action. e are depending on each of you. Thank you.
    Anne R. F. | Wayne, PA

    There is a hole in the Earth killing our ocean as we speak. Isn't that a red flag in and of itself?
    David B. | Appleton, WI

    Rome is burning, folks. Let's finally say no to the corporate greed that has kept us on the fossil fuel path, and
    put our money and resources into making safe, renewable, clean energy (no nukes!) a reality.
    Name not displayed | Los Gatos, CA

    The time has come for rhetoric to stop, and in place we have action. We need to get off of our addiciton to oil.
    It is a threat to our national security and our enviroment.
    Brett C. | Salt Lake City, UT

    If we don't unite on this, what kind of a disaster are we waiting for to unite us?
    Let the healing begin!
    Z. A. | Union City, CA

    WAKE UP! The earth has had enough abuse at the hands of humans. It's time to respect that which gives us
    our lives. There are many options to create and provide clean, economical and sustainable energy. PLEASE,
    get out of bed with big oil and put the welfare of the planet first. BE LEADERS! Show the world that we care
    about the generations to come and we are committed to making a difference. Please listen to us... and
    remember who voted you into office!
    Lisa S. | Orange, CA

    Please Government doing something, I voted you for that.
    Name not displayed | Culver City, CA

    go green, save us before it's too late
    sam h. | Newtown, PA

    What are you waiting for....the complete destruction of America and the planet.
    peter j. | Seattle, WA

    We are way behind where we should be in this effort for a Clean Energy revolution and the whole world is
    already suffering consequences with much worse ones to follow ... How much longer, Congress, are you
    going to wait? How much more devastation and suffering do we all have to witness? How much worse are
    you going to let it get, before you get it in gear and take decisive action ... The whole world is waiting ...
    Robert P. | Godfrey, IL

    Nikita S. | Mechanicsburg, PA

    Just do it! We've been waiting long enough for you all in Congress to do something right & responsible to
    make CLEAN ENERGY a national priority! How else will we survive!
    Michele J. | Aurora, IL

    Sarah D. | Elkton, MD

    *** Move away from Big Oil and towards Energy Alternatives Now!! ***
    Michael F. | Bloomingdale, NJ

    Please STOP the madness!
    Sharon B. | Lexington, SC

    No More Oil!!
    Michelle D. | Austin, TX

    "Just do it!"
    Name not displayed | Arlington, VA

    We have the means of having clean energy..NO MORE OIL!!!!
    Carla L. | Bayonne, NJ

    clean/renewable energy is NEEDED NOW for our vehicles. NO MORE OIL!!!!!! NO MORE GREED
    Anthony A. | Tampa, FL
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